From concept through writing and storyboarding, all proven creative communication techniques are applied to ensure an attention-grabbing, captivating and bear-huggingly memorable finished product. In short, an immensely powerful tool to have in any business armoury.

What’s the Big Idea?

You believe you need a video, but do you know who you’re speaking to, what’s likely to grab their attention and then hold onto it? Our creative director is known for narrowing down the target audiences, carving out strong selling propositions, arresting attention with Big Ideas then taking the reader, viewer or listener on a journey to conviction and action. He has been applying these skills for Disneyland Paris, Dimplex, Renault, Mercedes-Benz and many SME’s and market leading businesses.

Audience-winning video

The ability to captivate an audience by telling them a story is one of the most powerful ways of winning new friends of an organisation or brand. Whether communicating a brand, product attributes or information, we manage and craft the project from storyboard and script all the way to the final cut. Our experienced producers will ensure that your message or story is presented with the style and tone that accurately projects your organisations ethos and values to your target audiences.

The serious business of animation

Since the earliest cartoons, animation has captured our imaginations and entertained the boots off us. It wasn’t long before the serious business of commerce and education caught on to the communication power of this specialist craft. It has evolved to become a perfect medium for making the complicated easy to digest and the ordinary to appear extraordinary. Our creatively blessed animators produce highly crafted, highly watchable films for all sorts of purposes from the clear explanation and demonstration of processes, breathing life into statistics or dramatising the virtues of a product.

Breath-taking effects

Our team are constantly researching and investing in the latest technology. Our CAA licensed drone pilots are not only trained operators but are equally skilled and experienced camera operators. They can capture the scale of your operation, excite an audience with aerial views and surprising angles creating movie experiences that no other filming methods can achieve. We are fully equipped and trained to film underwater and are now working with leading-edge virtual reality technology which is already paving the way for the future of multi-media for use across the world’s industries and commerce.


Mike Coggan

Producer – Director

The founder of Grizzly with a history of working all over the world with top global brands. Able to combine creative filmmaking with a business mentality, producing content that helps companies to achieve their goals.

A director who can craft ‘on-brand’ videos for companies of all shapes and sizes, from animations for globals’ such as Vodafone to music videos for heavy-rock bands.

A CAA licensed drone pilot with all the required paperwork and equipment to legally capture aerial videos and photos.

John New

Creative Director

A creative communicator with a background of shaping the brand of a major global player followed by many years as a creative director in advertising and marketing.

Works on everything from ads to websites, brochures to videos. He constructs communication strategies, writes, designs, directs and enjoys working in teams and with clients.

His approach to all communication tasks is to view them as ads because if they don’t arrest attention, gain trust, shape thinking and befriend the reader, (visitor, viewer or listener) then they are most likely to fail to stimulate reaction and action.

Joel Lowson

Lead Animator

A proficient animator in both 2D and 3D disciplines. A techy at heart with a burning desire to be continuously researching new methods of communication and experience.

Has a creative head which he excercises frequently, whether on a shoot or in the animation suite. An animator who deeply understands the do’s and don’ts of the craft.

Has a friendly and comfortable rapport with clients and is capable of producing content in alignment with brand values.

Max Hamling

Business Development

A people orientated person with years of experience delivering high quality service, and a background in all things multimedia and comes with the bonus of a BA in digital media production.

Known for being friendly and approachable, he has a great knowledge of technology, imaging and sound which he can translate for you if you don’t! He particularly enjoys film and gaming, for which he has a keen critical eye for with a high degree of attention to detail.

And he won’t sell anything he doesn’t believe in!